Raj Mittra

Professor of Electrical & Computer Science

University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL

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Professor Raj Mittra

Raj Mittra is a Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Science of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL., where he is the Director of the Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory. He is also affiliated with Penn State University, University Park, PA, as a Professor.

He is a Hi-Ci Professor in King Abdulaziz University, in Saudi Arabia and an Honorary Professor at UTS in Sydney, Australia. He is also an Honorary Professor at Xidian University, China and at Amity University, India. Prior to joining the University of Central Florida, he worked at Penn State as a Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1996 through June 2015, and he continued with Penn State as a Special Professor.

Professor Mittra's expertise has helped develop innovative analytical tools and improve industry standards, driving efficiency and innovation in the RF and antenna industry. He currently holds the role of technical mentor at WiseAnalysis.

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Awards and Achievements

  • Guggenheim Fellowship Award,1965
  • IEEE Centennial Medal, 1984
  • IEEE Millennium Medal, 2000
  • AP Distinguished Achievement Award, 2002
  • IEEE Electromagnetics Award, 2006
  • IEEE James H. Mulligan Award, 2011
  • URSI Rawer Gold Medal, 2019
  • IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Recognition, 2020
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NuCEM is based on the parallel FDTD algorithm, and it has been designed to efficiently simulate large and complex EM problems using a group of distributed computers.


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